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What are Common Truck Accident Injuries?

Accidents can have disastrous impacts on victims, so one must avoid such instances. It is not easy to handle such injuries after accidents, especially truck accidents. It can severely impact human beings, so we must know about the injuries and be secure from such truck accidents. 

There are various truck accident injuries, such as back injuries or spine injuries. So, in this article, we will understand different types of truck accident injuries. However, if you are one of those who are suffering from truck accident injuries, then you must consult an experienced lawyer for expert guidance. There are various law firms with professional lawyers, such as Ladah Law Firm, where you can get solutions to your problems. 

What are Common Truck Accident Injuries? 

  • Back Injury: Truck accidents cause severe injuries, and one of those severe injuries is back injury. The back is the most vulnerable part of the body; therefore, when you fall from a vehicle, you tend to fall on your back and cause injury. The back is one of the complex parts of the body, comprising several bones, muscles, spines and nerves. The back is an integral part of the body that supports your body to stand, and when it is affected, then it can cause severe pain and also lead to spinal cord injury, herniated discs, sprains, strains and other fractured body parts.  
  • Wrist Injury: It is also one of the significant injuries people suffer due to truck accidents. It is a reflex action of the body that while protecting the whole body from falling, the body uses hands as protection, so in this case, it might lead to arm and wrist injuries. The damage can become serious if the wrist hits the steering wheel, dashboard, or other truck parts. 
  • Neck Injury: Neck injury is also considered a severe injury because it is one of the integral parts of the body that combines the bones, ligaments, and muscles. When there is a truck accident, it can devastate the neck and lead to a limited range of neck motion, numb arms, and pain in the upper back, arms and shoulder. 
  • Head Injuries: Truck injuries reach an extreme level when there is a head injury. This injury occurs when a jolt or blow occurs during the accident. It can severely damage a person's cognitive ability, personality, and emotional intelligence. It can also lead to traumatic brain injuries and, in some cases, there is a person’s death; therefore, it is essential to safeguard against such accidents.