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Why are Motorcycle Accidents with Commercial Vehicles More Challenging?

Motorcycle accidents with commercial vehicles are more challenging for several reasons. Commercial vehicles often have a wider turning radius than cars, so the rider may not be able to avoid it in time. Additionally, many commercial vehicle operators don't possess the situational awareness necessary to identify motorcycles on the road and communicate with them accordingly. 

Despite these factors, Georgia motorcycle accidents with commercial vehicles are becoming increasingly common. For this reason, it is important that those with potential liability for such accidents know how what makes motorcycle accidents with commercial vehicles more challenging.

Here are some of the main factors that make these accidents more challenging.

A larger size means a larger impact

The larger size of commercial vehicles makes them exponentially more powerful. When a motorcycle collides with a commercial vehicle, the impact is exponentially stronger. As a result, the injuries sustained in such accidents tend to be much greater than those incurred in non-commercial vehicle accidents. This is why it is important that those who may be liable for such accidents know that the injury and damages incurred in such accidents are substantially greater than those incurred by people who drive other forms of vehicles.

Loaded cargo

Typically, cargo that is loaded on commercial vehicles is much heavier than the average personal vehicle. This means that they are not only harder to stop, but also harder to control. That makes them very dangerous for those who are riding motorcycles.

Large turning radius

Commercial vehicles often have a larger turning radius than personal vehicles, and this makes it more difficult to judge how fast they are moving before they hit the motorcycle. Additionally, the large size of the commercial vehicle means that it is much easier for a driver to miss a motorcycle entirely and then rear-end it.

Multiple parties can be held liable

A commercial vehicle accident may involve more than one party, and this can make it more complicated to reach a settlement. The multiple parties that can be held liable when you are injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle include the driver, the company, the manufacturers, and the cargo or loading company.  This makes it necessary for victims to have the best possible legal representation on their side.

Insurers of commercial vehicles are particularly aggressive

Insurance companies for commercial vehicles are much more aggressive than those that cover private cars. That is because the severities of such accidents are likely to be significantly greater than many others.